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Watch Dr Mikael Sodergren, Managing Director and Academic Lead of Sapphire Medical Clinics, present ‘An Update on Medical Cannabis in the UK’.
This webinar covers:

  • Medical Cannabis and Clinical Indications
  • A summary of prescribed cannabis-based medicines
  • The role of the GP in Medical Cannabis prescribing in the UK
  •  An Introduction to Sapphire Medical Clinics.

Sapphire eLearning

We have put together an extensive learning platform which gives you all the tools you need to become confident in seeing patients who are prescribed medical cannabis.
  • Understand the role of endogenous and phytocannabinoids, and how they work to affect a range of bodily systems and symptoms
  • Appreciate how the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of cannabinoids affect treatment choices and other medicines
  • Understand the evidence and practicalities for treating the following with medical cannabis:
    • Migraines & chronic headaches
    • Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting
    • Chronic non-cancer pain
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Sleep disorders
    • Pain in inflammatory conditions

Online learning: For Patients

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Treatment With a Medical Cannabis Clinic

Watch ‘Treatment with a Medical Cannabis clinic’ a recording of our live webinar from October 2020 where industry experts discuss the practicalities and answer common patient questions about treatment with medical cannabis

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Sapphire Medical Clinics

Medical Cannabis: Expert Opinion and Patient-Centred Treatment

A comprehensive, prospective registry designed to collate outcomes on medical cannabis prescribing.

Helping reduce the financial barriers of access to medical cannabis

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