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The Sapphire Access Scheme

The scheme gives patients reduced appointment costs in recognition of their contribution to this groundbreaking initiative

Our Patient Journey

It’s important to understand the steps required for all patients to take when accessing treatment via Sapphire Medical Clinics. Below we have outlined the typical patient journey so you know what to expect and what you’ll need to make an appointment.

Eligibility Assessment

You can complete our assisted referral form – available here.
As well as this, your healthcare professional can refer you to us by completing this form.

To help our specialists make a full assessment about your condition, we require information from your GP and/or specialists you may have seen already. If you’re joining us from another medical cannabis clinic, we ask you to provide us with the clinic letters they have given you.

There is some administrative check we require, such as photographic ID (e.g. driver’s license or passport) and signed treatment agreements which can all be done electronically.

Book an Appointment

Book in for an appointment and complete required consent forms.

Initial Appointment

Your consultant will review your medical history and care plans to understand whether medicinal cannabis would benefit you.


If it is felt that you would benefit from treatment with medical cannabis following discussion of your case amongst our multi-disciplinary team of consultants, we will post your prescription to your nominated pharmacy.

We post your prescription once our multi-disciplinary team of consultants have discussed your case to your nominated pharmacy.

Ongoing Support

After initiating treatment, we review treatment and support changes to your individual plan with follow up appointments and repeat prescriptions. Our online questionnaires help you and us monitor treatment and advance knowledge about medical cannabis using the UK Medical Cannabis Registry.

Medical cannabis using an oral syringe

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We’ve put together a series of instructional videos covering a range of aspects relating to medical cannabis products and usage.